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Restoring and protecting the Byrne Creek watershed

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Byrne Creek Streamkeepers are volunteers who monitor the health of this urban stream that drains a large watershed on the south slope of Burnaby, BC, runs through a beautiful ravine park, an artificial salmon spawning habitat, and then eventually flows into the mighty Fraser River. In its urbanized state, much of the rain that enters the creek comes from rain drains (aka storm drains) on city streets and parking lots. This water is not treated.

Streamkeepers restore and maintain the creek by undertaking enhancement projects, conducting public education, and monitoring its rejuvenated populations of coho salmon, chum salmon and cutthroat trout.

The Death and Rebirth of an Urban Stream

1960s: Wild salmon and trout disappear as creek cut off from Fraser River
1987: Vancouver Angling and Game Association assessment
with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
late '80s: City of Burnaby reconnects creek to Fraser River, volunteers start ongoing cleanups
1989: Coho salmon stocking initiated with volunteers and DFO
1997: Chum salmon stocking initiated with volunteers and DFO
1998: Toxic substance dumped into storm drain kills about 5,000 fish
1999: Byrne Creek Streamkeepers founded
2004: 91 spawners return to Byrne Creek, a post-restoration record
2005: 43 spawners return to Byrne Creek
2006: Toxic substance dumped into storm drain kills about 800 trout and young salmon
2006: 35 spawners return to Byrne Creek
2007: Toxic substance dumped into Byrne tributary John Mathews Creek kills dozens of fish
2007: 22 spawners return, extending a downward trend
2008: 33 spawners return, a slight increase
2009: 10 spawners return, a record low since monitoring began
2010: Toxic substance kills coho fry, coho smolts, and trout in March
2010: Runoff from a house fire kills hundreds of fish in November
2010: 13 spawners return, the second-lowest number in 15 years of monitoring

To report a spill or illegal dumping: Burnaby 24-hour dispatch 604-294-7200


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